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An innovation from Pemat AG

With our new free-form technology, we enable you to bend tubes as well as selected profile systems in almost any direction and radius.


3D bending

A new dimension in bending technology

Innovative shapes and design call for an innovative solution. With our 3D bending technology, we bend metal in different directions – naturally with a precise fit.


Special production

Where others stop, we just start!

We are specialised in all kinds of custom-made products. Our flexibility means that we can fulfil your order too.


Staircase construction

We provide comprehensive metalworking skills

Our expertise in bending and rolling technology lends itself perfectly to this area. Pemat plans and manufactures complete solutions or individual components for staircase construction.



Metal shaped into the most attractive forms

Metal can be shaped in the most creative ways. rolled 2-dimensional or also 3-dimensional.


Profile bending

One of our specialities

You build on our many years of expertise in this area. Whether larger quantities or customised solutions – we bend a wide variety of profiles in a wide variety of segments/radii.


About us

Years of experience
Projects completed

With know-how, technology and experience leading to new possibilities.

For over 27 years, we have focused on metal bending and rolling. We have been able to build an excellent reputation during this time by executing simple as well as highly complex and unusual projects, thereby also leading to international acclaim. Where others prefer to remain hands off, we engage fully! Because challenging projects are our preferred field of activity. Not only do we strive to constantly evolve – we also keep our technologies and production techniques up to date.

With our many years of know-how, we offer our customers individual and customised solutions. We supervise projects from prototyping to production and assembly – depending on the requirements and customer wishes. Even for extended series, you can rely on our experience and modern production technology – even larger quantities can be produced extremely economically and efficiently with new technical solutions.


ISO 9001:2015 certified

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Peter Mattle

Managing Director & Owner

Max Willers


Michael Kronschläger

Technical Advice / Project Manager

Benjamin Buschor

Project Management / Design

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Free-form bending Profile bending

What do you know about free-form bending?

3D free-form bending is a new, advanced forming technique used to produce complex hollow metal parts with different radii. At Pemat AG, we use innovative free-form technologies that enable you to bend tubes and selected profile systems to almost any radius and in any direction.

How do free-form technologies inspire designers and constructors?

At Pemat AG, we use advanced free-form technologies that not only help us execute complex designs, but also inspire designers, architects, constructors and planners to come up with new ideas that interact with the solutions and objects that we create.

Can a pipe be bent?

Although it’s possible to bend a pipe with physical force, it’s quite difficult to transform it into a pleasing structure. Free-form bending, as offered by Pemat AG, is suited to this purpose.