Discover new possibilities

With our new free-form technology, we enable you to bend tubes as well as selected profile systems in almost any direction and radius. In this way, metals can be brought into unprecedented shapes – in architecture, design, industry or even in trade fair construction.

In the process, we not only implement creative forms – we in turn inspire architects, designers, planners and constructors to come up with completely new ideas. New objects and solutions emerge from this interchange.

A unique technology by Pemat

Construction data or 1:1 models made of another material serve as a basis. Pemat scans these objects three-dimensionally, measures them with special measuring software and thus prepares data for production.

Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to form metals individually and absolutely freely on the basis of this data. The result is objects in which each individual element can be different in length and bend.

Our high-tech measuring system is also open to you

Three-dimensional measurement serves as the basis for our innovative free-form technology.

Your CAD data or models made of plastic, metal, etc. serve as the basis. These are scanned three-dimensionally with our special measuring software. Discrepancies between CAD data and the first prototype are immediately detected with this IT solution and can be corrected if necessary. After the data has been cleaned, it can be transferred to the machine for automated bending – or we can supply you, as the client, with this data.

Because our measuring system service is available to our customers as well as to third-party suppliers in metal and façade construction or designers and architects/planners, etc. We supply you with three-dimensional data for your individual product or project. Rely on our know-how – we will be happy to advise you.

A novel solution that is also economical

Free-form technology not only opens up new horizons – thanks to our modern infrastructure, this method allows highly efficient processes that also translate into advantageous costs.

Current examples from our production

Special CNS handrail bent in one piece with irregular pitch, 180° helix and transition choker in the platform area.
Ø 42.4 x 2 mm, unwinding approx. 4.50 m.

Free-formed guide shaft made of special steel Ø 25 mm, total width 2200 mm.
Areas of application: butchery + bakery machine construction, vehicle construction, etc.

Handrail for outdoor spiral staircase railing bent in one piece. Consisting of start post, spiral and end post.

Material: CNS Ø 42.4 x 250, 360° spiral ends axial line, bent in one piece
Ø = 220 mm, height = 1500 mm. Fields of application: Chem. Industry, food industry, art, etc.

Pipe bracket made of aluminium pipe Ø 25 x 2 cm, T6 6060 / 6082 bent in one piece without heat treatment, width 500 mm, length 700 cm. Fields of application: Vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, etc.

Sculpture made of steel tube, Ø 35 x 3 mm with surface treatment, total height: 1600 mm

More product examples with our free-form bending technology.

Impressions – new possibilities thanks to “free-forming”

An award-winning bench design

The internationally active designer Sebastien Wierinck executed his “Benchmark” project for the city of The Hague/Netherlands. Complex forms made of metal, implemented as seating in public spaces. Made thanks to Pemat’s free-form technology.

The objects are made of 400 individual tubes – each absolutely unique in length and bend.

Impressive interior design – implemented thanks to free-forming

For the Asian restaurant chain “Ra’mien go” in Vienna, Pemat executed a 33-metre-long ceiling object made of freely formed tubular elements.

The ceiling construction is made of over 1,300 metres of pipe. For this purpose, over 460 individual tubes were bent individually in bending radii and length in free-form. Precisely fit, of course.

Stage elements for international sporting event

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