We provide comprehensive metalworking skills
In most cases, stairs are individual solutions – heights, radii and designs vary greatly. It’s good to be able to rely on a flexible partner who has core competence in this area.

Pemat excels in particular with regard to individual staircases with curves and we manufacture staircase systems in a wide variety of designs. No wonder Pemat works for some of the most renowned staircase construction suppliers, both nationally and internationally.

Current examples

Sale BMW Switzerland

ABB site Zurich

Special stainless steel stairs with double rails and illuminated glass steps

Design by: Beat De Coi, CEDES AG, Planning and production by Pemat AG

Maag Event Hall Zürich


Spiral staircase for detached house

Stainless steel staircase with polished stone treads, stair diameter: 2200 mm, tread width: 1000 mm, number of treads: 12 pieces, glass landing: 1 piece floor height: 2400 mm, special: standpipe is simultaneously the chimney for the Swedish stove; planning and production by Pemat AG

2006 Townhall St-Gallen

String staircase, Baby Center Bad Ragaz / Switzerland

Stair diameter: 7000 mm, tread width: 2500 mm, number of treads: 18 pieces, floor height: 3550 mm; planning and production by Pemat AG

2005 Seedamm-Center Pfäffikon

2000 ETH Zurich

Impressions – Staircase construction by Pemat